We all know that swimming pools are fun; it’s a great place to have a party with lots of friends. And we all know that pools can be calming as well, a place to wake up in the morning or de-stress after a long day. Here in Phoenix, pools are also one of the primary ways that people enjoy cooling off. But far too many people forget about the incredible health benefits that can be realized when you have a pool. Simply having regular pool cleaning service ensures that your pool will be ready at a moment’s notice so that you can take advantage of the exercising opportunities it offers.

The amazing thing about pools is that they don’t just offer one type of exercise. In fact, swimming pools can give you an incredible combination of workouts. And all you have to do is have a Phoenix pool service stop by every so often so that it’s ready for your workout. Here are some of the ways in which a pool can help you exercise and turn you into a healthier person. 

You’ll Burn Calories

If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t mind losing a little bit of weight. Pools are a great way to burn calories because of the resistance you’re getting from the water. People are often in constant motion when they’re in a pool, which is kind of like “getting your steps in.” 

It’s also important to realize just how much enjoying a pool can lead to increased calorie burning. Being in a pool is simply fun, so you’ll end up spending more time moving around. You’re not really thinking about exercising, even though you are. Compare this to some exercise that you force yourself to do; chances are you just can’t wait to stop! Wouldn’t you rather just hop into a professionally cleaned pool instead of running out in the hot sun?

But what if you’re not just getting “background exercise” when you’re having fun in the pool? What if losing calories is your primary goal? Laps in the pool can burn 400 calories an hour, even if you’re not swimming very quickly. And while your burning calories, isn’t it also nice to know that…

Swimming Offers Excellent Cardio 

While you can certainly just float and relax in a pool, many activities — playing a game, tossing rings, riding around on pool noodles — all get the heart moving. The water offers a great deal of resistance (it should, considering it’s more than 700 times denser than air!), and the extra strength it takes to move through it means you have to burn more energy to move around. Keep up the activity and it gets the heart moving. It also helps build muscles, since your muscles have to work harder to move through it.

Of course, few pool activities get the heart moving more than purposefully doing laps. As we mentioned above, laps burn a lot of calories, but exerting yourself so much also delivers a workout that’s good for your heart. 

Swimming Involves the Whole Body

If you take a look at the average exercise machine, it’s often pretty limiting. They’re either leg machines or arm machines, back machines or stomach crunchers. While many of them can help with cardio, they’ll often leave out many parts of the body. 

Swimming gets the whole body involved. You’re constantly moving your arms and legs, and the core is kept tight as you constantly readjust to the moving water. Swimming is kind of like doing burpees, but you’ll actually enjoy it!

Of course, swimming offers another well-known advantage over other exercises, because…

Swimming Is Low-Impact

When it comes to pool exercise, perhaps the most commonly touted advantage is that it’s a low-impact exercise. While that might not be such a big deal to kids, the idea of something being “low-impact” is often very enticing to their parents!

As we age, the cartilage that cushions the space between our bones starts to wear down. So as people start to hit their forties, running that they used to enjoy simply becomes painful. Without that cushion, the bones are hitting each other and causing considerable discomfort. Continued running can break the cartilage down even faster. 

Again, the low-impact nature of swimming comes back to the density of water over air. As you’re moving through the water, there’s really no impact at all. The only impact that occurs is between your feet and the pool bottom, which is reduced considerably since the water is slowing down all of your movements. 

Resistance Is Good For Bones

You might have heard that running is good for bones, even if it’s not so good for cartilage. It’s true, because the impact puts stress on bones and keep them strong. 

Good news: so does swimming! It’s not necessarily the impact that bones need, it’s the stress that they’re put under. Lifting weights is one way to increase bone density, but you can get a lot of that benefit from simply swimming in water. Will swimming turn you into an Olympic weight lifter? No, but it’s still great for your bones and muscles. 

Swimming Is Relaxing

Well, in all honestly we should say that swimming can be relaxing! A lot of times pools can be raucous and exciting, depending on the game being played at the time. But swimming pools can be very relaxing as you move through them slowly and take a breather from the day. Having a place to retreat and take a cool dip in the pool can be excellent for mental health and can even help you sleep better. 

Here’s one way to make your pool even more relaxing: use a pool service in Phoenix! When you have someone else taking care of your pool, you take away the stress that can come with regular pool cleaning. As we discussed in a recent article, you don’t have to worry about getting the chemicals just right, and you don’t have to confront the gunk that gets caught in the filters. 

Phoenix Pool Service Keeps You Ready To Exercise

Not everyone loves to exercise, but all of us should do it. When you have regular pools service done by Phoenix pool cleaners, you’ll never have and excuse like “the pool’s too dirty, I can’t exercise today.” When you work with 360 Pool Service, your pool will always be ready to help you stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule your next pool service!