Some people who get a pool decide that they’ll save money by doing their own pool service themselves. But what many people realize — usually pretty quickly — is that pool cleaning and maintenance is a much bigger job than they ever thought it would be. That’s when they call a professional pool cleaner in Phoenix to take care of their pool service.

But wait, doesn’t pool service cost a lot of money? Not if you choose the right pool cleaning company! By hiring pros, you can get a good price on a pool that stays clean so that you can jump in whenever you want. Here are the advantages of going with a tried-and-true pool service in Phoenix. 

Chemicals Are a Pain

The chemicals used in pool cleaning are difficult to get just right. It’s not the kind of chemicals that are used, so much as it is the amount. If you use too much of a chemical, the water can cause skin and eye irritation. (Eye irritation can occur just via the vapor without ever even touching the water.) If you don’t use enough of a chemical, the pathogens you’re trying to kill can continue to multiply. You might end up getting sick from the bacteria that are thriving in the pool, or you could end up with fungus growing at the bottom or floating on the surface. 

Getting the proper chemical/water balance isn’t as easy as you might think, as it takes more than just knowing how many gallons are in the pool. Instead of doing your own pool cleaning and just hoping you’re doing it right, a trusted pool service in Phoenix will ensure everything is just right.

You Don’t Have To Keep The Chemicals Around

While pool chemicals don’t pose a health risk when they’re properly diluted in a swimming pool, they can be very dangerous when in their pre-application, full-strength form. Pool chemicals aren’t something you want to keep around your home if you don’t have to, which is why contacting a local Phoenix pool service makes the most sense. A professional swimming pool cleaner will bring the chemicals around only as necessary so that you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting into them and being poisoned. 

You Don’t Need To Buy the Tools of the Trade

There are quite a few tools necessary to keep a pool clean, but if you hire a pool service then you don’t have to buy them all. Even better, you don’t have to find a place to store them, or replace them when they break.

You Can Ignore the Disgusting Aspects

Let’s talk about the psychological benefits of hiring someone to handle your Phoenix pool cleaning. When you have someone take care of your pool service, you get to step into a clean pool every time you use it. All you’ll see is the clear blue waters and a clean pool bottom, with maybe the errant leaf that blew in overnight. Your pool is simply a relaxing place to be.

Now imagine you’re taking care of your own pool service. Part of maintaining your own pool involves cleaning out the filters, which…well, let’s just say that cleaning out the filters can give you a view of the dark side of the pool. Seeing what collects in the filters will quickly dispel your idea of the pool being a relaxing place, because what you see in a pool filter can’t be unseen!

We’ll Watch For Maintenance Issues

Sometimes hiring a professional to handle maintenance issues isn’t just about the maintenance…it’s about watching out for even bigger problems. Even someone who has no problem changing the oil in their car might have a professional do it so that the entire car — brakes, transmission, shocks — gets a good check-up from someone who knows what they’re doing.

A professional pool service isn’t just about cleaning the pool; it’s about making sure that everything is working properly. Pool cleaners will keep an eye out for leaks and an ear out for equipment that might be making strange sounds. Is your pool losing more water than can be attributed to natural evaporation? Should the pumps be making that clicking sound? Hiring someone to clean your pool also makes sure that basic maintenance is being upheld, which could cause much larger — and more expensive — problems in the future. 

It’s Not Worth the Headache

Now don’t get us wrong, pools are definitely worth it. But handling your own pool cleaning in Phoenix probably isn’t. It’s an ongoing task that most people tire of quickly, if they ever start doing it at all. Having a professional pool service take care of it just takes such a load off the mind, because you’ll know that your pool is always in tip-top shape. 

Sit Back and Relax!

Perhaps the best part of having pool cleaning taken care of is that you don’t have to do it! You can just rely on a Phoenix pool service to take care of it on a regular basis. Just relax in your home while we take care of it, or come home from work to discover that your pool looks as good as it ever has. Your weekends are yours again when you call a professional, and you can rest assured knowing that the chemical balance is just right.

If you’re ready to make the most of your pool, we’re ready to help. Contact 360 Pool Service today with questions or to get your pool cleaning schedule set up!