Considering all of the benefits that come with a pool — exercise, fun, relaxation — most people consider them well worth the effort that’s put into them. Of course, the effort we’re referring to is the pool cleaning and maintenance that has to happen in order to make sure that the pool 1) stays clean enough to swim in, and 2) stays well-maintained enough so that the equipment ensures a pleasant, safe swimming experience. 

Few people enjoy taking care of their pools, which is why they have a company like 360 Pool Service handle their pool cleaning and maintenance. And it’s a good thing they do, because regular pool maintenance by a professional is a much better option than waiting until those small problems you’re experiencing become full-fledged pool repair needs.

Repairs Cost So Much Money

Since a pool is mostly a place of recreation, we seldom think about the complexity of its moving parts. But there’s so much more than what you can see, including the filter system, the pumps, the pipes, and the heating system. There are also the parts that you can see, such as the body of the pool, the lighting, and any hardware such as diving boards, tiles, railings, and ladders.

When you have pool service performed, you’ll have someone stopping by your backyard who is always investigating the current state of your pool and looking for stuff that might become a problem in the near future. If there’s a strange noise coming from the pumps, our pool pros will address it before it becomes a much larger — and more expensive — project. If the filters are getting so worn that they could fail, getting the problem taken care of sooner rather than later just makes sense so that you don’t experience catastrophic failure. 

Regular Maintenance Keeps The Bad Stuff At Bay

When a pool filter system is working, it’s keeping the stuff you don’t want in check. For instance, a properly working filter system will help remove the hair and leaves that get in the pool, stuff you’d rather not be swimming with.

When a pool has been properly treated, it’s also keeping pathogens at bay, things that grow in warm pools and can easily make you sick. But a well-maintained pool can also keep other bad stuff from growing in your pool, algae that you can see when it starts to grow on the sides — and sometimes on the surface — of your pool. These algae blooms can gunk up the filter systems, and they can get so bad that a much deeper cleaning of the pool is necessary. This could get expensive quickly, so it’s just better to stay on top of your pool maintenance with professional pool cleaning. 

Avoid Repairs and Keep Swimming!

You have a pool so that you can swim in it, but repairs can stop you from even getting in. If the pool has a leak, you might have to have it drained. If the heater is broken, you might not want to step into it on the coldest days. And if your filter system is broken and the right chemicals haven’t been applied, you don’t want to get in for fear of getting sick!

Why own a pool if you can’t use it? Having regular pool maintenance performed keeps you swimming, allowing you to experience all of the positive aspects of owning a swimming pool.  

Ready To Make the Most of Your Pool?

If you have professional pool maintenance performed, you’re going to be able to get the most out of your pool and avoid more costly repairs in the future. Click here to contact 360 Pool Service and we’ll take care of your Scottsdale or Phoenix pool so that you can keep swimming.