If you’ve never done your own pool cleaning, you probably have very little idea of what goes into it…or what comes out of it. There’s so much more to pool cleaning in Scottsdale and Phoenix than most people realize, mostly because they’re not there when it happens. After all, you don’t have to be around when we take care of your Scottsdale pool service.

So, if you think of pool cleaning, what comes to mind? Do you think about the things you can see at the bottom of the pool? Or the stuff you can’t see, pathogens that could make your family sick? Let’s talk about what we’re taking out and dealing with during pool service.

What Falls Into the Pool

When you get into a pool, you want the waters to be as clear as possible. So there are some things — seen and unseen — that you don’t want floating around when you get in.

Leaves – Perhaps the most common types of detritus that falls into pools (and most noticeable) are leaves. While trees in Arizona don’t have the same kind of leaf loss as you’ll find in other parts of the country, some of the trees we have around here do lose their leaves and cause a mess. Leaves can also fall off for seemingly no reason, often knocked off by the wind or an animal in the middle of the night. Our pool cleaners make sure to get them all out.

Grass – While you (or your landscaper) might do your best to keep grass from flying into your pool when you mow, some will inevitably make its way into your pool. Just because you left the trimmings on the lawn doesn’t mean they’re going to stay there when a good wind picks up, so we’ll make sure to clean these from your pool.

Twigs – Like leaves and grass, these pieces of plants will always find some way to get into your pool. Because it’s so dry in the Scottsdale area, bushes, wild grasses, and tumbleweeds are always disintegrating and adding something to your pool. If you wake up to a bunch of extra twigs floating around, our pool service will be around before too long to get them out.

Algae Spores – Water-loving spores are going to fall into your pool no matter what, blown in by the wind. If you leave them alone and don’t have your pool cleaned, they can turn into visible masses of green algae blooms — sometimes overnight — that cling to the sides of the pool and float on top. While you can’t stop them from landing in your pool, you can stop them from flourishing by having the right chemicals applied. 

What Gets Carried Into the Pool

Nature isn’t the only thing getting your pool dirty. Here are some of the most common ways people mess it up.

Skin Cells – You’ve probably heard that most of the dust in our homes is made up of human skin. While that’s not quite true, it is true that humans are constantly losing skin cells. Sure, this happens during the day as we walk around, but pools soften the skin and make it even more likely that tiny parts of the skin will come off.

No, it’s not something we like to think about, but it’s true. Humans also lose skin oil in the pool, and our sunscreen often washes off in the pool as well. All of these need to be properly dealt with by a professional pool cleaner. 

Pathogens – Pathogens include just about anything that can make a person sick, and they even have a name to cover them all: Recreational Water Illnesses. Many of them are introduced by humans, often because of our lack of pre-pool washing. These illnesses can cause rashes, ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory infections. The most likely time someone is infected is when they put their head underwater in a pool that hasn’t had the proper germ-killing chemicals added.

Dirt and Grass (again) – No running by the pool! But even if you’re just walking around the pool and through the yard, the pool is likely to get dirt and grass in it. Sometimes these settle on the bottom, other times they float on top. Either way you want a pro to stop by and get them out of your pool.

Hair – While a lot of hair ends up in the pool filters (see below), there’s always quite a bit that’s hanging out on the top of the pool’s surface. It’s just one more thing that we take care of when we do your pool cleaning.

What Gets Stuck in the Filters

What’s getting stuck in the filters? Everything we mentioned above! Leaves, hair, skin cells, grass, and more all end up in the pool filter. That’s a good thing, because it’s better in your filter than floating around in your pool.

But you still want it out of your filter on a regular basis, and that’s what our pool service does for you. We’ll clean all of that yuck out of your filters and replace them when they get too worn.

Ready To Get Your Pool Cleaned? 

Taking care of your own pool can be a huge hassle. As you can see from the list above, there’s so much more to cleaning it than most people realize. In most cases, it just makes sense to call a professional pool cleaner in Scottsdale or Phoenix and have them perform a thorough pool cleaning. Click here to ask 360 Pool Service a question or to schedule pool cleaning with us!