Many individuals choose to close their pool for the winter even though the warm climate in Arizona often allows homeowners and businesses to leave their pools open all year long. Proper pool winterization is essential for protecting the components of your pool, and it also helps make it easier to open your pool when the weather turns warm. It might be tempting to perform this seasonal pool maintenance task on your own, but there are plenty of reasons to leave it to the pros at 360 Pool Services in Phoenix. Check them out below and book your pool winterization service now!

Benefits of Professional Pool Winterization


First and foremost, your safety is the number one reason why you should turn to professional pool maintenance versus doing it on your own. Winterizing your pool might not seem all that dangerous, but in the absence of having the right knowledge and equipment, injury can occur. Some of the equipment that is used during the pool closing process is heavy. Additionally, there is the risk of falling into the pool as you are trying to install the cover by yourself. The last thing you want to do is pull a muscle or otherwise injure yourself. Pool winterization is a job for more than one person, and there is no reason to go it alone.

Technical Expertise

Though it might not seem that complicated, pool winterization is a carefully orchestrated process that requires technical expertise and training. For example, a professional pool maintenance team has expert knowledge related to pool chemicals and how they interact with each other to alter the pH level of the water. They also know how to adjust the chemicals properly to close your pool for the season. Beyond this, they know how much to lower the water level, how to drain the pump, filters, heaters, and other equipment, and how to install a pool cover quickly and easily. Rather than leaving something as important as pool winterization up to guesswork, it is definitely worth paying a professional for their expertise.

Proper Equipment

Pool winterization is no easy feat, and it is more than just putting a cover on your pool and calling it good. It often requires several pieces of expensive equipment that the average homeowner doesn’t have. For example, pumps, blowers, and a cover tool make the job that much easier, but it is unlikely that you will find any of these items in local stores. Aside from being difficult for homeowners to purchase, there is the matter of knowing how to use the equipment. Professional pool maintenance companies have all of the equipment needed to properly winterize a pool, and they know how to use it safely. What’s more, they bring it all with them when they close your pool, so you don’t have to worry about making more pool storage room.


We have an especially long swimming season in Arizona thanks to the incredible sunshine and heat in our region. That leaves many wanting to enjoy their pool for as long as possible. However, closing a pool can be a cumbersome process if you are not a professional, and it can take you much longer than anticipated to complete when you do it yourself. Hiring a professional to winterize your pool will allow you to savor every last minute of swim season, and that means that you can do other more fun things with your time. Imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy your pool right up until the last day you can rather than fretting about the daunting, time-consuming task of winterizing it!

Peace of Mind

If you have ever winterized your own pool and felt less than confident that you did it correctly, then you are likely familiar with the anxiety that comes along with the first, albeit rare, hard freeze of the season. You may be worried about your pipes freezing, or you may be worried about whether you emptied your chemical feeder right. When you hire a pro to winterize your pool, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Professional pool winterization provides you with the peace of mind you need to rest easy at night knowing that your pool is in good hands. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Pool Winterization in Phoenix

Whether you are a new pool owner who isn’t sure how to prep your pool for winter or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of pool winterization on your own, 360 Pool Services is here for you. We provide a wide variety of pool maintenance services, including winterization, and we would love to help ensure that your pool is protected from the elements. Call us at 480-739-6651 today to get more information, or request your quote online now. We look forward to hearing from you!