Here at 360 Pool Services, we know how much you rely on your swimming pool when temperatures start climbing. Your pool is an oasis, offering much-needed relief from the intense heat we experience here in Phoenix, and whether you own a residential or commercial property, you want to be sure your pool is clean and sparkling at all times. Our industry-leading pool services ensure this is the case 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call us at 480-739-6651 to learn more about our pool cleaning and pool repair services!

Pool Care Services

Pool Cleaning

Keeping your swimming pool clean is essential to its longevity and your family’s health. Unfortunately, not many people have the time, patience, or skills needed to properly clean their pool as often as it should be cleaned. Skimming, cleaning pumps and filters, and other critical tasks ensure you have clean, sparkling pool water at all times, and the experienced Phoenix pool cleaning technicians at 360 Pool Services are here to help. Check out the wide variety of pool cleaning services we offer and contact us today for a free quote.

  • Full-service weekly pool cleaning — includes testing and balancing chemicals as well as a 10-step cleaning process
  • Chemical-only weekly pool service — includes chemical balancing and testing only, no pool cleaning.
  • Acid or chlorine wash — restores beauty to stained or discolored pool walls quickly and easily
  • Green pool clean-up — removes unsightly algae blooms from your pool and restores water clarity
  • Pool filter cleaning — includes scheduled cleaning and servicing of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters
  • Total dissolved solids testing — confirms pool water is absorbing and using chlorine to fight off bacteria and algae

Pool Repair

In addition to cleaning your pool, there are a wide variety of maintenance and repair tasks that will keep your pool running properly and efficiently. From pool equipment and plumbing repairs to maintaining the interior of your pool and performing other miscellaneous maintenance tasks, our skilled techs are here to help.

  • Pool equipment repair
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Interior pool repair
  • Miscellaneous pool repair

If you are worried about one of your pool’s components, please contact our pool service techs right away. It is better to identify a potential problem and repair it early than to let it go unchecked and develop into a bigger, more costly problem in the long run.

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Are you ready to hire a professional pool service company in Phoenix? If so, then 360 Pool Services is here for you. Our pool cleaning and pool repair services will keep your pool water clean and balanced all year long, allowing you to enjoy its refreshing beauty anytime you want without having to worry about the hassle of maintaining it. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read reviews from dozens of satisfied customers, then request your free pool service quote online!