If you have a swimming pool, it is probably one of the most attractive features of your property. Residential and commercial property owners alike love having a crystal-clear oasis when temperatures start rising, as they offer cool relief from the hot weather we often experience here in Scottsdale. Thankfully, keeping your pool water clean and sparkling is easy when you hire 360 Pool Services for pool cleaning and pool repair services. Our skilled team has what it takes to ensure the year-round health of your pool, and we would love to speak with you about our industry-leading pool service plans. Call us at 480-739-6651 today!

Pool Care Services

Pool Cleaning

While all pools require some type of cleaning and maintenance, 360 Pool Services understands that no two pools are alike. We are happy to talk with you about what type of pool you have, which filtration method you use, and how often you use your pool to devise a customized cleaning schedule that suits your needs and your budget. Our pool cleaning services include:

  • Full-service weekly pool cleaning. This pool service includes chemical balancing and a thorough 10-step cleaning process.
  • Chemical-only weekly pool service. This basic service includes chemical balancing and testing.
  • Acid or chlorine wash. This treatment is designed to restore beauty to stained or discolored pool walls.
  • Green pool clean-up. Whether your pool has new or advanced algae growth, our team can clean it up.
  • Pool filter cleaning. Our technicians clean and service Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.
  • Total dissolved solids testing. This pool service ensures the water is still capable of absorbing and using chlorine to ward off bacteria and algae.

In addition to the above pool cleaning services, we offer many additional services that are designed to keep your pool looking and running its best.

Pool Repair

Are you worried something is wrong with your pool or one of its components? Don’t worry — our team provides efficient and reliable pool equipment, plumbing, and interior repairs. Pool repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Pumps, motors, and filters
  • Return lines, backwash valves, and pipes
  • Tile and beading
  • A wide variety of miscellaneous repairs

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Pool maintenance can be a daunting DIY task, which can lead many property owners to procrastinate essential pool cleaning and repair tasks. However, rest assured that help is just a phone call away. 360 Pool Services is your go-to pool service company in Scottsdale, and we are here for all of your pool care needs. Call us today or request a free quote online now!